Compare Wilfred to the Australian Original


Elijah Wood's man-likes-dog dark comedy Wilfred premiered last night, and it retained one important element from its Australian predecessor: Jason Gann as the titular dog/man. Otherwise, though, the shows are pretty different. In the American version, the anthropomorphic Wilfred is the Brad Pitt to Ryan's Ed Norton, the embodiment of everything Ryan's neuroses prevent him from being. Their relationship is sort of fun, and Ryan clearly craves the lack of self-consciousness that makes Wilfred so wild to hang out with. On the Australian original, though, Wilfred is more menacing, almost frightening, and a far less welcome presence in the human world. There are specifics here and there that the shows have in common — like Wilfred digging holes in the backyard because of "anxiety" — but tonally, the shows are completely distinct. Watch the first episode of the Australian version below and judge for yourself: