Weeds’s Seventh Season Takes Place in the Future


Weeds's last season ended with Nancy Botwin finding herself facing hard time for countless crimes, perhaps her most insurmountable debacle to date. Of course, Botwin magically wrangles her way out of every apparent dead end, and Weeds's upcoming season appears to stick with that formula. By way of the New York Post, a new promo for Season 7 reveals that the series will pick up — minor spoilers ahead — three years after Season 6, with Botwin returning from jail and her family returning from a foreign country to find her. In witness protection, the matriarch ends up in New York City. According to Gothamist, the cast has spent the past few months filming on location all over town. At this point, you've either accepted Weeds's transformation from West Coast–based suburban satire into something ... else, or you've probably stopped watching it. But the new season reportedly finds Botwin returning to form, hatching a plan to restart the drug-dealing business that began all her shenanigans, and New York seems like a solid location for that enterprise. [PopWrap/NYP]