Let’s All Play, ‘How Is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Hilariously Objectified in Transformers?’

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Admit it: You scoffed when Michael Bay replaced Megan Fox in Transformers: Dark of the Moon with a Victoria's Secret underwear model. And yet, acting neophyte Rosie Huntington-Whiteley acquits herself in the role, bringing warmth and personality where Fox brought flat readings and a peevish presence. With all that said, though, Bay still puts his lingerie protégée through some ridiculous paces. As you read through these nine silly things that potentially happen to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers, can you guess which are real and which we simply made up?

1. She is introduced butt-first, in a close-up shot of her nearly nude ass, as she walks up stairs for a good five to ten seconds.

2. After Shia LaBeouf complains that he is unemployed, Rosie suggestively says, "Tonight, maybe I can give you a job ... "

3. Transformers admit to having gone through her underwear drawer.

4. Patrick Dempsey's character describes a car by saying, "Look at the curves. Elegant, isn't it? Beautiful, sensual"; meanwhile, the camera pans up Rosie, not the car.

5. Another character says, "Look at that beautiful box"; meanwhile, the camera is on Rosie, not the character nor the box in question.

6. While kidnapped by villains and facing the potential end of the world, she takes necessary time-outs to keep her hair, makeup, and lipstick in top condition.

7. After Rosie and her friends have slid down a building's tilted facade, tumbled around on the floor, and been manhandled by giant killer robots, she is somehow the only one to emerge without cuts, bruises, torn clothing, or a single speck of dirt on her anywhere.

8. In a conversation with Shia meant to lift his spirits and restore his threatened masculinity, she uses the word "bonus" with a strong emphasis on the "bone."

9. She picks up a weapon and fights back against the Decepticons.

(ANSWERS: They are all real, except No. 9. Sadly, Rosie keeps those dangerous six-inch stilettos on her feet the entire time, never realizing that they could do some major ice-pick damage to a Transformer eye or two.)