Why Is Midnight in Paris Such a Huge Hit?


Woody Allen's 42nd film Midnight in Paris moves into wide release today, and it's poised to be the director's biggest box-office hit in decades. After opening like a monster in six theaters a few weeks ago, Paris has steadily built into an even bigger word-of-mouth sensation, and it should surpass the $23 million grosses of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Match Point soon (and Allen's 1986 benchmark Hannah and Her Sisters, which took in $40 million, could find its record under siege, too). Pundits are even whispering that the Owen Wilson comedy could score end-of-the-year Oscar nods. Needless to say, the movie has outstripped almost everyone's expectations in such a short time, so our question to you is: Why? What is it about this particular Woody Allen film that has struck such a nerve with the public?