Will.I.Am Is Not Having the Best Week Ever


Last night, the huge charity show Black Eyed Peas were supposed to play in Central Park was rained out. That is not, technically, the band's fault, although some people blamed them anyway. Check out PopEater's report, then try not to cry: "'We won't go,' chanted the crowd of some 20,000 New Yorkers (of the 60,000 originally scheduled to attend the performance meant to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation). And many of them did not. Police had to close in on the groups who believed that by squatting in the meadow they would be treated to the Peas' musical stylings." Amusingly, though, this isn't the week's first faux pas for Black Eyed Peas front man Will.i.am: While performing new track "Don’t Stop the Party" on the live French show Taratata, Will pulled out a cell phone to read off the song's lyrics. And it wasn't, like, subtle or anything; he just kind of stands there for a bit, reading off some lyrics. It's surreal. Remember when people made fun of Drake for reading lyrics off his BlackBerry during this Hot 97 freestyle? This is, on account of the live-television aspect and everything, way worse. Stromae's performance of "Alors on Danse," however, is impeccable. [HR]