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Breaking Bad’s 10 Tensest Moments

Start Slideshow Walt and Jesse wait out Hank.

Breaking Bad, which returns for its fourth season on Sunday night, is known for a number of things; among them, a protagonist who is rapidly becoming an antagonist, a charming homeboy fond of the word "bitch," and blue meth. The show also traffics in a particular kind of drawn-out, super-tense suspense sequence, the kind that inspires teeth knashing, jaw clenching, breath holding, finger pulling, and other stress-coping strategies. Think of the scene in season two when Walt and Jesse are stuck in a mad drug dealer's lair, waiting for his associate to rat them out using not his voice, but a bell — it feels like it takes forever. On the occasion of the show's return, here's a list of the ten tensest moments in the first three season — some violent, some less so, but all of which contain the trademark Breaking Bad habit of making you wait. For. It. Let us know the ones we've missed.

Photo: AMC