Adam Lambert Nicest Twitter User?


British website Flecking Records recently conducted a poll of its readership to see if they agreed with the following: Is Adam Lambert (adamlambert) the nicest man on Twitter? While hard to verify, we decided to collect some of Lambert's recent tweets fawning over his peers/competition. Not sure if that means he's the nicest guy on Twitter, but he's certainly no tweet-ranting Cee Lo.

June 28: "Beyonce's new album sounds so refreshing. Def it's own Vibe. Thank u B and co"

May 25: "I met Jack Black!!! Such a fan!"

May 21: "@brandywhitford Bruno Mars is really talented. Beautiful voice and a great writer. I'm a fan. Liquor Store Blues is one of my favorites."

I guess it's also pretty darn nice of Lambert to give tweet-props to the Voice's Nakia after he nailed "What Do You Want From Me?" As for the runners-up in Flecking Records' poll: McFly lead Tom Fletcher (tommcfly), McFly bass guitarist Dougie Poynter (dougiemcfly), and The Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder (iansomerhalder).

Adam Lambert is officially adored [Flecking Records]