Kristen Schaal Just Realized That She Went On a Date With Andrew Garfield


As part of Kristen Schaal's comedy show Hot Tub With Kurt and Kristen (which will return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year for the fourth time), the comedienne has often included a recurring segment called "Win a Date With Kristen Schaal." She realized recently that one of its past winners has since become very famous. "I did just find out I went on a date with Andrew Garfield, who is the new Spider-Man," Schaal told the Guardian. "He was in the crowd when we did it at the Soho Theatre in London and he got randomly selected and then won through the tests and I went on a date with him. But I didn't realize — it was sort of before he broke, it was before The Social Network — and it was all a blur to me. But that was exciting to find out. He's cute, I'm sorry it didn't work out." [Guardian via Splitsider]