Beyoncé Gets the Dream Wedding She’s Always Wanted


Because she and her husband are super famous, when Beyoncé got married in real life, it maybe sort of looked like this: a smallish ceremony in Lower Manhattan. In the "Best Thing I Never Had" video, then, Beyoncé is perhaps acting out some wish fulfillment, playing dress-up with a big bash and a giant wedding dress. A wedding dress?! Yes, a wedding dress. To just full-on hammer down the whole "mature and settled down and happy" thing, Mrs. Hova saunters around with the most irrepressible smile you've ever seen, shimmying amazingly (note the moves at 3:30) as home footage of that jerk she threw away like a parking ticket cuts in and out. Oh, also, she spends the first half of the clip in lingerie, and she looks bonkers good. Okay, enjoy!