Big Brother’s Adam Really Wants You to Know He Loves Heavy Metal


CBS likes to fill its Big Brother house with "types" (model/nerd/housewife/gay guy/crazy free spirit) and they don't want to risk viewers at home confusing them. So the players are clearly ordered to state their type early and often. For example, a house nerd must wear video game T-shirts and constantly say things like, "What can I say, I'm a nerd!" or maybe "Math is the best!" or maybe "Nerdy nerdy nerd nerd!" Last night, on the Season 13 premiere, we met Adam, and he is the house's heavy-metal dude. It's a subtle character trait, to be sure, so the 39-year-old music-industry manager was careful to underline it with many signifiers. Watch our video and enjoy the many diverse ways in which he cues the audience that hey, this guy just may have a fondness for heavy metal.

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