Björk and Michel Gondry Take a Trip to Outer Space


Björk's upcoming album, Biophilia, has so much confusing chatter surrounding it — iPad recording sessions! Invented instruments! Corresponding apps! — that it's hard to tell what, exactly, is on deck from Iceland's finest. But strip away all that and focus on the music, man, and things get a lot simpler. Exhibit A: "Crystalline," the first single from Biophilia, is a classic bit of anthemic Björk histrionics, complete with a machine-gun drum breakdown that'll knock your head back. Exhibit B: The video for "Crystalline," which has just been released, was directed by Michel Gondry, and features the kind of whimsically innovative arts-and-crafts feel familiar both from Gondry's The Science of Sleep and some of his past team-ups with Björk. Meaning: Björk hasn't exactly abandoned her old forms of eccentricity, and that's comforting. Also, since the subject of the Gondry-Björk working relationship has been broached, why didn't Michel cast her in The Green Hornet?