Back in the Studio, Cher’s Recording a Song by Way of Gaga


Cher is back in the studio, and she's recorded a track gifted to her from Lady Gaga, she tweeted Wednesday evening. "Finished 1st track on new cd &........GAGA YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME," she said. After setting Twitter into a minor frenzy, the singer clarified the situation: "It's not a duet ! It's one of her songs & she & Redone gave it to me 4 my cd !" A few people on Twitter then accused Cher of "selling her ass to Gaga" and being a "sycophant" for the pop star, but Cher set them straight: "Not groveling ! Humility doesn't hurt ! I'm thrilled ! None of us DO IT ALONE." [Cher/Twitter via ONTD]