Dave Chappelle Tells One Joke at Charity Event and Proceeds to Stare Down Audience


Last night, Dave Chappelle was set to perform stand-up at the Summer Groove charity event in Miami. But turns out Mr. Chappelle does not, repeat does not, like his routines to be recorded. Seems he got so incensed by some guy filming him that he literally just stood onstage for over 45 minutes waiting for something to happen, though no one seems to know what. CNN's Roland Martin, who was there, tweeted what was going on. We've copied them for you in chronological order because, honestly, they say it all.

This Dave Chappelle set is bizarre. He's spent more time going back & forth with one audience member, & pretty much stopped telling jokes

One woman just yelled, "Can you tell a joke so we can enjoy ourselves!" He got texted four times during his show and actually checked them

I'm jut not understanding what threw him off. He's complained about folks videotaping his set, yelling out loud. I don't get it

"This crowd is serious as hell," he says. Dave, we're trying to figure out what we've listened to for the last 25 minutes.

Chappelle says this is a "test of wills." He keeps saying "tick tock" & he has "nothing but time." He's just staring at the crowd & sighing

"As shitty as the show is, I can't wait to explain this on CNN." Dave Chappelle complaining about a guy taping his whole show

Then Dave started talking to me, asking if I was putting this on CNN. Yes, from the stage! He's been on stage 46 minutes & told one joke.

He kept saying "I respect your work." And then he said, He'll send me a tape of his better comedy work. This is a trip!

Well, there you have it, folks. Dave Chappelle is going to take no attitude from no man! Even if he is supposed to be helping support students and families in need.

Rolandsmartin [Twitter]