Donate to the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Get a Goat Named After You


Eugene Mirman has taken to Kickstarter to help finance this year’s Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Brooklyn, because he wants to do some ridiculous and unprofitable things. Things like set up a petting zoo outside the venue and, you know, pay comedians to perform at it. The incentives for donating are all pretty excellent, from an autographed WWII helmet that acts as a VIP badge to a 22-year-old “handler” to hang out with you all weekend and be “sort of helpful.” But my favorite may be this one: “An autographed ostrich egg that gets you and a guest into the VIP HUSH-HUSH AFTERPARTY, a roped off area in the middle of the main room of Bell House that will have complimentary champagne, cured meats, and fresh towels.” Only $250! That is damned tempting. [via]