Tom Felton Attributes His Success to His Looks


Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, is apparently something of the Potter set's Charlie Sheen. Now that Deathly Hallows Part II is heading to theaters, Felton spilled all his thoughts to the Daily Mail. "Let’s be honest," he told the paper. "We weren’t picked for Harry Potter for our acting ability — it was because we looked like the characters as they’d been written. We started out as rank amateurs, and we’ll be lucky if we’ve learned something over the past ten years." It also took Felton some time to warm up to Daniel Radcliffe, he says: "It took [us] over two years to have a proper conversation. I was 13, he was 11. Bonding with the rest of the cast was complicated. We were complete unknowns, and we were thrown together. It’s not likely that you’ll all suddenly click and become one happy family." Felton sounds kind of like a sexy villain in his own right, which he's okay with: "People say Draco is sexier than Harry. Harry is just a nice guy, surrounded by so many strong characters, whereas Draco stands out on his own. And there’s something about the way the Malfoys look. I wouldn’t be worried about playing a bad guy for the rest of my life." Clearly. [Daily Mail UK]