Dream House Trailer: Daniel Craig Is Nicole Kidman From The Others


The trailer for Dream House starts in a familiar enough way: Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz move with their two daughters into a beautiful new house, then find out that sure enough, the last people who lived there were murdered. (This seems to happen a lot in movies, and surely, fictional Realtors must be bracing themselves for some sort of class-action lawsuit.) But there's a twist, and the trailer isn't at all afraid to spoil that twist up, down, and sideways. You see, the family that lived in that house before, the one that died? That was actually Daniel Craig's family, and he might have killed them, and he spent five years in an insane asylum, and actually, Weisz and their daughters might really be ghost-visions now. Only Naomi Watts, the prettiest nosy neighbor of all time, can say for sure! Rumors and reshoots have flagged this movie as a troubled project, but we must confess that the twist piqued our interest, though the biggest reveal from this movie is the one we already knew months ago: Yes, this is the movie where Craig and Weisz first hooked up. [Coming Soon]