Spotify, the European Music-Streaming Savior, Is Finally in America


Good morning, Americans! After years of breathless anticipation, Spotify — the Swedish-based music-streaming service at various points hyped as an industry game-changer that has been long available in other less populated parts of the world — is finally here for you, in your native country. What's on hand? The ability to stream music from a preexisting library of 15 million songs, import your own library into Spotify's player, share playlists with Spotify pals, and take that music with you via your cell phone or other MP3 player. That's a lot of abilities, yes — although Spotify's hype has certainly been deflated somewhat by the introduction of a few other cloud music options since it first won the hearts and minds of nerds everywhere. Still curious? You'll need an invitation for the ad-supported free version; if you're going for one of the two pay options (currently offered at $4.99 or $8.99 a month), you can sign up right now. [Spotify]