Peter Berg Is Trying to Continue Friday Night Lights With a Movie


You've wondered whether they'll ever make an Arrested Development movie. You've crossed your fingers for the big-screen transfer of Party Down. You're even holding out hope that someday, they'll find a way to make that movie spinoff of Veronica Mars. Well, it's time to throw Friday Night Lights in the pile! TVLine and Bill Simmons both report that FNL mastermind Peter Berg is attempting to continue the shuttered TV series with a movie that would focus on Coach Taylor and Tami (played by Emmy nominees Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton). Of course, Berg already directed a Friday Night Lights movie back in 2004, but no matter: Why let a low-rated but well-respected TV show simply conclude in the medium for which it was designed? (That sound you hear is Taylor Kitsch cursing as he realizes that 75 percent of the questions he'll have to answer on his John Carter press tour will be about the Friday Night Lights movie.) [TVLine, Twitter]