Friday Night Lights’ Off-Screen Stories Are As Emotional As Its Onscreen Ones


Friday Night Lights has its series finale tonighttomorrow (again), and if you're even a little bit invested in Coach, Tami, and the citizens of Dillon, this oral history will stir up some real and serious feelings. Kyle Chandler was "hungover as shit" when he auditioned, says Peter Berg. (Ha!) When the new cast of Dillion Lions assembled for season three, Chandler had a true Eric Taylor moment. "Kyle stood up and, in Coach fashion, gave a kind of pep talk — brief, specific, and heartfelt," says Matt Lauria. (Awww!) Chandler and Connie Britton hit it off so well that people were worried they were having an affair. (Sigh!) And after the series wrap party, the cast and crew played touch football at two in the morning in their old uniforms. (Time for real tears.) Also, strangely, the leap to DirecTV was orchestrated by Tom Arnold. [Grantland]