Have You Ever Wanted to See Footage of Kanye Giving Jay-Z a Birthday Present?


Good news, then! A new ten-minute documentary on the making of Watch The Throne has surfaced (it seems to be getting pulled repeatedly, so it will presumably be officially released along with the album) and there is indeed the fairly telling birthday scene pointed to in the headline of this post. As Jay-Z tries on a ring Kanye got for him, 'Ye rattles off the lengths he went to to get this exact ring at this exact size and this exact color; meanwhile, Beyoncé, seated next to Jay, appears to be subtly pushing Jay to better articulate his appreciation. Eventually, Jay gets up to give his dude a big hug. The whole thing is totally endearing: Kanye West, the superstar millionaire, still desperate to get approval from his big brother. And it's only one great bit out of many great bits. Like: actual footage of Kanye playing basketball; Beyoncé getting the hell down to "H.A.M."; Russell Crowe showing up in the studio in order to hear a song on which he's referenced. Please, powers-that-be, say there's a full length version of this?