How Beverly Hills 90210 Inspired James Franco


James Franco got a lot of attention today for grousing about the Oscars to Playboy, but now the entire interview has gone online, and no lie, it's really terrific. Long, but great. In it, candid Franco reveals that his low-profile relationship with actress Ahna O'Reilly has ended, explains his Brad Renfro arm-carving, mentions his attempt to join the cast of Breaking Dawn, and, most endearingly, ascribes his teenage wanderlust to a pivotal nighttime soap from Aaron Spelling. "I kept thinking I was stuck in Palo Alto and needed to experience the world," Franco says, recalling his high-school years. "It's embarrassing to admit, but I think I was also watching too much Beverly Hills 90210. Dylan had seen the world and was a surfer, so I thought I had to go to Hawaii. Despite my being a juvenile delinquent to a certain extent, my mother and father gave me that gift." Luke Perry, bringing families together. [Playboy]