Justin Timberlake Stays Alive at 25 in Comic-Con’s In Time Trailer


While audiences decide this weekend whether Friends With Benefits actor Justin Timberlake is a movie star, Timberlake himself was in San Diego to briefly talk up his next big film, the sci-fi thriller In Time. It's got a great concept: In the future, no one physically ages past 25, but if you want to stay alive and immortal, you've got to acquire more time for your internal clock ... and that life time is the currency of the land, used even for drinks and cab rides. It's also got a great pedigree, since director Andrew Niccol wrote The Truman Show and directed the underrated sci-fi classic Gattaca, two excellent elaborations on a provocative premise. But does Timberlake have the chops to sell himself as an action hero? Based on this footage, we're not quite sure, but the crowd at Comic-Con answered the movie-star question handily: When Timberlake took the Hall H stage to introduce his movie, the deafening cheers were some of the biggest of the weekend (and outranked the reception given to Comic-Con living gods like Peter Jackson and Nicolas Cage). [IGN]