Watch Kevin James Echo Chris Farley's Best Moves


When Kevin James appeared alongside SNL alums Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, and David Spade in 2010's Grown Ups, even we wondered if James's role was really meant for the late Chris Farley. It wouldn't be the first time James's physical comedy stylings were compared to Farley's, and it surely won't be the last. There's the similar girth, sure, but It goes beyond that: not all thin people fall down hills the same way, right? James is a little more graceful and less spastic than Farley, but he's clearly working from the same head-bonking, window-smashing, ass-shaking playbook. In anticipation of today's opening of Zookeeper (the trailer alone of which has two Farley-esque tumbles), we've assembled the following call-and-response compilation of James echoing the pratfalls of his portly progenitor. Homage? Mimicry? Coincidence? The result of extended exposure to Adam Sandler? You be the judge.