Jack and Jill Trailer: Adam Sandler Gets His Own Norbit


It's become common practice in Oscar prognosticating to refer to something as a "Norbit" — that is, a bad movie on the horizon that could sink an Oscar nominee's chances, so named for the comedy that allegedly sullied Eddie Murphy's chances to take home an Academy Award for Dreamgirls. Now, though, Adam Sandler has his own "Norbit," and it's not because there's a threat to his Oscar potential ... it's because his new movie is basically a flat-out remake of Norbit. This time, it's called Jack and Jill, and it once again features a Saturday Night Live alum in dual roles as both a meek man and the unattractive, loudmouth woman who won't leave him alone (and is often made the butt of fat jokes). Also, Katie Holmes is involved! Will it tarnish Adam Sandler's shot at a People's Choice Award for Just Go With It? Stay tuned.