Jenna Fischer on Hiding Her Pregnancy Around The Office


Before she was comfortable letting her fellow Dunder-Mifflin coworkers know about the bun in her oven, Jenna Fischer hid her pregnancy by pretending her wardrobe demands were the result of diva-ishness, rather than impending motherhood. “And then one day we came back from a hiatus and I knew I wasn’t going to fit into my shirt, so I went out to J.Crew and I bought my own shirt and brought it to work that morning,” Fischer tells Vulture. “Again, everyone was very confused. Why is Jenna insisting on wearing this purple shirt from J.Crew? In seven years she’s never brought in her own clothes before. The truth was if I wore the shirt they put in my dressing room, I wasn’t going to be able to button it. That was very stressful! So it was a big relief to finally be able to share the news and get clothes that fit me. Now I get to let it all hang out.” We don’t blame Fischer for the subterfuge. When Phyllis Smith gives that judgmental look..well, it just cuts right through you.