Jens Lekman Roars Back Into Action


Well, as much as a painfully shy indie-pop Swedish person can possibly roar, that is. The point being: It's been five years since his last release, the excellent Night Falls Over Kortedala, and while Lekman's dropped a bit of new music here and there since, he hasn't put out anything official. Now, though, he's apparently got so much material, he has to split it up! Lekman says, in a press release: "I was working on an album. I wasn't really planning to put out an EP, but I came across this dilemma. I really loved these songs, and I thought they were great, but they just didn't seem to fit the mood of the record. And they seemed to be the songs that people enjoyed the most when I played them live, so I decided that they belonged together on an EP, sort of like a little taste of what's not to come." That EP is called An Argument With Myself, and it's out September 20 on Secretly Canadian. Roar, Jens. Roar. [Exclaim]