Trailer for New Season of Jersey Shore, Now With More Violent Ronnie


Season four of the Jersey Shore , in which the cast descends on Florence, begins on August 4th. (Working subtitles for this season: Jersey Shore: The International Incident , Jersey Shore: A Room with a View of Guidos, Jersey Shore: How to Make Friends with Silvio Berlusconi but Alienate Other People.) Snippets from the new season have been appearing in dribs and drabs, but the longer trailer premiered last night and, you will be happy to hear, it's going to take more than a trans-Atlantic flight for these fools to behave themselves. Coming up this season: not one, but two cast members being carted away in stretchers! A potential Snooki and Situation hook up! Ronnie being even more ultra violent than usual! Ronnie and the Situation putting on a deadly serious WWF fight! Deena and Paulie swapping spit! Snooks coining a fitting new word for a bidet: A doucher! Lots of getting lost! Snooki making her bid to enter the runny mascara hall of fame while moaning, “I don’t deserrrve this right now." She never does. Enjoy.