After Gaining Weight, Joe Pesci Sues Gotti Producers


Things have been a little tumultuous behind the scenes of the soon-to-shoot Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father. The John Travolta mob drama has already hired, fired, rehired, and potentially refired Lindsay Lohan, and it lost its first director, Nick Cassavetes, only to replace him with Barry Levinson. Now, actor Joe Pesci is suing the film's producers, claiming that after he'd made a $3 million deal to play Gotti's enforcer Angelo Ruggiero, producers tried to downgrade him to a smaller, less lucrative role. Even worse: He'd already gained 30 pounds to look more like Ruggiero, which the lawsuit notes he "ended his very strict and healthy diet" to do. If only Fred Gwynne were still alive to handle this dispute. [TMZ]