Can You Tell the Quality of a Justin Timberlake Movie by the Length of His Hair?


At last week's Comic-Con, the trailer for In Time — a sci-fi thriller starring Justin Timberlake, in which immortality can be purchased — was revealed. Also revealed: Timberlake's shaved head. Justin's always had an on-and-off relationship with his lustrous curls, repeatedly bouncing between letting 'em fly — most recently, for his well-received turn in Friends With Benefits — and chopping 'em all off. Amazingly, now that JT has amassed a sizable cinematic body of work, it seems a certain correlation has sprung up. Could there really be a connection between the length of Justin's hair and the quality of the movie Justin's starring in? Join us, won't you, as Vulture works out Justin Timberlake's Samson situation.