Kevin Smith Fondly Remembers Telling Harvey Weinstein to Shut Up


Though many people in Hollywood have been on the receiving end of a Harvey Weinstein rant, Kevin Smith says he finally became a man when he turned the tables on the studio mogul. At Comic-Con this weekend, Smith recalled to Screen Junkies that when his film Red State debuted at Sundance, Weinstein was noisily talking on his cell phone in the hallway during the screening. "I pull the curtain over, I go, 'Hey!' He looks over and I go, 'Shut the fuck up!' He goes like this [does a double take]. And I said, 'Yeah, shut the fuck up! I would never do this to you. I would never come to one of your screenings and act like an asshole. Shut the fuck up!' He looked like he was going to come over and punch me." And despite Smith's fears, he didn't. "I was terrified because it was a huge fuckin' moment," he said. "I was like, Here it comes, repercussions, the other shoe is going to drop, and nothin'. No curtain. I looked and he just left, took off." [Screen Junkies]