Last Night on Late Night: A Persistent Letterman Puts Emma Watson in the Hot Seat Over the Use of Controlled Substances


Last night on Late Show With David Letterman, the persistent host puts Harry Potter's Emma Watson in the hot seat over drinking and the use of controlled substances. A very flustered Watson yells, sweats, and slaps the table before she finally admits at the top of her voice, "I have been drunk!" Then she takes a pretty bow. Plus: Howie Mandel sports a dog cone, which leaves even Jay Leno scratching his head; Denis Leary calls out Jon Stewart with "You try to pass yourself off as this political honcho," he says, "The truth is, his point of reference is The Dick Van Dyke Show." Jon Stewart retorts, "Tell me, how are things in the world of fake firefighting?" Ooh, touché! And Elijah Wood likens Rupert Murdoch to Dr. Evil. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.