Lenny Kravitz, Co-star of The Hunger Games, Is Taking His Sweet Time Reading The Hunger Games


At the end of April, Vulture reported that Lenny Kravitz would be offered a role in The Hunger Games. At the end of May, it was confirmed that Kravitz would be playing Cinna, Katniss's wise stylist. And yet, when Rolling Stone caught up with him on June 23 to talk about the role, Lenny said he was only midway through Catching Fire, the second book in the trilogy. Considering the time span and Kravitz's personal involvement in the high-profile project, and the fact that it takes about 45 minutes for a grown person to read one of those things, that seemed a tad slow. Vulture let it slide, though; how could some lowly bloggers possibly deign to question the leisure time available to Lenny Kravitz, world-famous rock star? In a new interview with MTV, though, Kravitz says he's still only halfway through Catching Fire: "'People have told me, but I'm on the second one now, so don't tell me how ...' Kravitz said, cutting off any spoilers." Okay, Lenny, come on, man! You've had a few months; this is now officially a thing. So, as hard as it may be considering how awesome your life probably is, maybe it's time to take, like, three afternoons off and rampage through the rest of the trilogy? It's really pretty great! If you're still working on your new album that features Drake and Jay-Z, maybe set up a fun book club with those dudes? Anyway: Vulture will now be monitoring the situation.

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