Logo Developing Lisa Lampanelli Reality Show


Variety reports that Logo has just green-lit the development of Lisa Lampanelli’s reality show Big Loud Lisa, which means there’s still plenty of time for them to retitle it with my suggestion: All Aboard The Filth Mouth Express. Produced by Chelsea Handler, Lisa will reportedly follow Lampanelli and husband Jimmy Cannizzaro as they deal with the trials of the road, their recent marriage and the innumerable times Lisa has been asked to leave an establishment because children were present. Lampenelli’s one-woman stage show is also in the works, about which she told Vulture, “It’s something that I haven’t done yet. I’m scared to death because I have to talk about the real stuff. Like, no stand-up; there’s not one line of stand-up … it’s pretty much going to focus on my two main obsessions in life, which are men and food. And now that I’m married I only have one obsession, food, so I’m going to stick to that.” It’s only a matter of time before a network green-lights an Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea-style sitcom about a young sassy white comedian who exclusively dates black guys, then every aspect of Lamepanelli’s act will have been successfully mined.