Major League Was So Fun to Make, Everyone Wants to Do It Again

Still from Major League

Everyone wants to make another Major League, according to Sports Illustrated. It's not just Charlie Sheen's crazy-talk anymore! Screenwriter and director David S. Ward says he's written another sequel, set twenty years after the first film. Sheen says he's in (of course he's in), and Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen, and Dennis Haysbert all say they'd be down for running the bases yet again, too. No word from Wesley Snipes, though he's probably got other things on his plate. The SI story covers the cast-carousing stories (Bernsen calls Sheen the "Pied Piper of beautiful women") and Sheen's admitted steroid use, but it also reveals two little-known stories about the fake Indians: Jeremy Piven played a "bench jockey" who yelled insults, but his scenes were all left on the cutting-room floor, and Dennis Haysbert really can swing a bat. "The scene where Cerrano hits the home run, Dennis actually went yard," Ward says. "Everyone stopped and applauded." Since the original Major League came out 22 years ago, the real Cleveland Indians have won two pennants, though they have not captured a World Series title. [SI]