Mark Ronson Performed ‘Valerie’ for Amy Winehouse Last Night


Last night in London, Mark Ronson and his band the Business Intl. played a show for the first time since Amy Winehouse's death. Ronson didn't shy away from talking about Amy, saying, "I went to her service yesterday and there was a rabbi that spoke and he said that somebody’s life is measured in deeds and not years and that’s the best thing I heard yesterday ... The genius in that woman and what she shared with us is pretty special. I’m not going to get all morbid on you. It’s just nice to be playing music to people who like good music. She is my sister, wherever she is." Even sweeter, Ronson and the band ran through a rendition of "Valerie," the 2006 Zutons single that Winehouse covered and made her own in 2007. "The only thing that would be right tonight is if you guys sing it ... we want you to sing this shit as loud as you can," Mark says, adding, "Amy, this is for you." Then, the crowd complies, turning the track into a big, happy shout-along. Check it out, and feel free to sing out loud at home. [PopDust]