Hugo Trailer: Martin Scorsese Channels Steven Spielberg


If you can't get enough of Oscar-awarded, seventies-minted auteurs who are now directing 3-D family-adventure films, this has been your week! Hot on the heels of the full trailer for Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin, we've got the teaser for Hugo, Martin Scorsese's unlikely foray into G-rated territory. Before you watch this, we feel we should prepare you for a couple of things you might not expect from a Martin Scorsese trailer: There is an uplifting 30 Seconds to Mars song. There is an "oh brother" reaction shot from a dog. There are cute kids on a quest, and there is Sacha Baron Cohen running and sliding into a giant cake (as he shouts "Whoa-oa-oa!"). In other words, this is definitely a change of pace — but that's why we want to see it. Our hope is that if Scorsese pulls this off, it could be a respectful, impeccably made family classic in the vein of Alfonso Cuaron's The Little Princess. Still, the next time Scorsese and Spielberg face off during Oscar season, we're hoping for a little more firepower. [Coming Soon]