Matthew Weiner Sort Of Knows How He Wants to End Mad Men


Matthew Weiner has a vague but real idea of how he wants Mad Men to end. "I have a thing, emotionally, where I want it to end, and I have an image of how I want to leave the characters in people's minds. And I've had that for about a year and a half, two years," he tells the New York Times. Weiner, fresh off yesterday's Emmy nominations, says that there's "no gigantic question that remains to be answered" for Don Draper et al. "I know it’s mysterious, and it depends on the audience not knowing what’s going to happen, but I don’t feel that," he says. Weiner says he "aspire[s] to the great endings" like Abbey Road, which sort of makes the upcoming fifth season of Mad Men like The White Album. Promising! [ArtsBeat/NYT]