Natalie Portman Put Her Oscar to Horrible Use This Year


Hey, look what we have here! Grantland, the ESPN-funded Bill Simmons site full of meaty essays on sports and pop culture that launched early last month, has rolled out its entertainment blog, Hollywood Prospectus. Among the initial offerings is a highly scientific study conducted by the wonderful former Vulture, now Grantland editor Lane Brown on which actors have "tarnished" their Oscars the most in 2011. Using the "Cuba" — a heretofore unknown measurement named after notorious Oscar disgracer Cuba Gooding Jr. — it turns out that of the eleven actors actively shaming their Oscars this year, Anthony Hopkins has done the least harm to his (despite having starred in The Rite), while his Thor co-star and fresh Oscar winner Natalie Portman has done the most. Never let it be said she doesn't try hard. [Hollywood Prospectus/Grantland]