OK GO Team Up With Pilobolus for Their Latest Ambitious Music Video


Even if their tunes or whimsical dance routines aren't your cup of tea, you have to respect OK Go: Somewhere between the treadmill clip and that Rube Goldberg machine, they became a Band That Makes Music Videos, and it's a development and a challenge they've fully accepted. The band's latest effort comes for the track "All Is Not Lost" and features the dance troupe Pilobolus, white bodysuits, physical contortion, and lots of butts being pressed on glass. (There's also an interactive version available on Chrome.) The New York Times, which premiered the video this morning, has some backstory: "[Front man Damian] Kulash says that having Pilobolus work on the band’s concept was ‘'like asking a superchef to make green beans,' and Itamar Kubovy, the executive director of Pilobolus, returns the compliment. 'This cool result needed an enormous amount of calculation,' he says. 'And these OK Go guys led beautifully.'" But what will the band do to top themselves next?, the conscientious OK Go fan is shouting out. Don't worry, guy. They'll figure it out. For now, just try to enjoy.