Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer: Why Doesn’t This Movie Have a Funny Subtitle?


The trailer for Paranormal Activity 3, the latest installment in Paramount Pictures' deathless cheapie horror franchise, is here. It looks exactly like the trailers for the other two movies, which means two things: (a) fake home footage, shrieks, random bits of background noise, the general implication of demons, and (b) lots more $$$$$ for Paramount. There is one enticing quirk, though, and that is the fact that sitting in the director's chairs for PA3 are Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, a.k.a the dudes who did mysterious Internet-based documentary Catfish. Could the subject material, in the right hands, bear fruit beyond the reliable chills of the first two? Or will Joost and Schulman accidentally end up making a critically acclaimed film that no one will see? Also, why doesn't this movie have a funny subtitle? Seems like a good opportunity for one. How about, um, Paranormal Activity 3: Para-Really Not Normal Activity?