Party Lines Slideshow: Patricia Clarkson, Emma Stone, Justin Timberlake, and More at the Friends With Benefits Premiere


Patricia Clarkson has gone from playing Justin Timberlake's mother in the SNL digital short Motherlover to playing his lover's mother in this weekend's Friends With Benefits. When Vulture pointed this out to her at the premiere, Clarkson made an important distinction between the roles: “[In Motherlover] he was fully clothed,” she told us. “In this movie, I walk in on him naked.” Safe to say that was her favorite scene to shoot, then? "The whole movie was a blast to shoot,” she said. “I love working with [director] Will Gluck. He said I’ll be in every movie he makes, and in every movie he makes, I’m going to walk in on Justin Timberlake naked. I said, 'I will work for free.'" For more soundbites of the sexy-silly variety, click through our slideshow.