People Still Miss Li’l Sebastian


Parks and Recreation's upcoming fourth season will start with Tom working full-time at Entertainment 720, Ron's facial hair in a state of flux, and Jean Ralphio MIA, according to showrunner Mike Schur. The big story, though, is how Ben and Leslie's adorable romance will fare in the face of her possible run for public office. "Whatever she decides is going to cause trouble for her," Schur says. "If she decides to run for office that means she's giving up on this relationship, if she decides to keep the relationship it means she has passed over one of her dreams, if she decided to juggle both of them she's constantly at risk of being caught." The sneaking around is fun and all, but the idea of Ben and Leslie breaking up is almost unthinkable. Still, Schur has killed beloved characters and stories before. "I've been a writer for a very long time now and I've never been hammered as hard for anything as I have been for deciding to kill Li'l Sebastian," he says. "Everyone I talk to is like, 'You son of a bitch!' I think that the sadness that people feel is a testament to how many lives he touched in his brief time on a fictional Earth." We still miss you, sweet prince. [TV Guide]