Pixar Had to Find 44 Larry the Cable Guys for International Versions of Cars


Working for Pixar isn't all Hawaiian shirts and whimsical cereal bars. Some brave souls had the nightmarish job of finding 44 regional equivalents of Larry the Cable Guy to play Mater in the various international dubbings of Cars and Cars 2. "Mater's kind of a redneck, but that means nothing to anyone overseas because they don't have that particular vocal culture," says Rick Dempsey, senior vice president of Disney Character Voices. (The downside of that position is all the Larry-the-Cable-Guy-ing, but the upside is having the best SVP title imaginable.) "We had to figure out what region of Germany, for example, has more of an uneducated population without being offensive," he says. Now we're almost curious about Larry Der Kabel Mann. [AP]