Pusha and Tyler, the Creator, Drive Around Egging People


A few weeks back the aesthetically polarized rappers Pusha-T and Tyler, the Creator, released "Trouble on My Mind,", and it turned out to be a low-boil-simmer type of deal that was possibly less than the sum of its parts. The music video for this thing, though — which, advance footage indicated, featured Pusha as Tyler and general mischief — was always going to be the most memorable bit of this collaboration. Well, the video's here now, and it doesn't disappoint. Things kick off with Pusha whipping the two in some kind of illicit-looking black vehicle, possibly homemade ski masks pulled halfway down their faces. Will there be contraband changing hands? Nope! The dudes just want to mercilessly egg a couple of frat boys in slow motion. A girl-on-girl make-out later and it's Tyler's turn to lead, which he does so by marching an unlikely crew — a buxom older lady, Pusha in knee socks, a Vegas cocktail waitress, etc. — down the street on a mobility scooter. (That leg cast isn't a prop, by the way — Tyler was stage diving at Pitchfork with that thing on last weekend). Eventually, everyone retires home for some light vandalism. Take notes, impressionable tweens.