Rebecca Black’s New Video Has Arrived


Rebecca Black once taught us that Saturday comes after Friday, but perhaps she was skipping ahead: After her notorious viral video "Friday" came Internet infamy, new coverage, a cameo in Katy Perry's new video, and now her own follow-up, "My Moment." If "Friday" was Black's attempt to position herself as an instant pop star, "My Moment" declares that it's already happened, and everything was according to plan. Unfortunately, it does so with a song that (unlike "Friday") plays like the most forgettable American Idol finale song ever. Still, at least there's one bit of welcome quirk during the bridge, where Black delivers the following message to her "haters": "Can't talk to you right now / I'm getting my paper." As a moment of hip-hop braggadocio to rival the "Friday" rap from Ark Music Factory founder Patrice Wilson, it is fitting: Now, Black is her own boss.