Reggie Watts on Hype, Keeping Perspective and Why You Need To Stop Saying ‘Retarded’


In addition to being an insane genius, Reggie Watts’s MTV interview supports the common perception that he is also an actively decent human being. “I have this phrase, ‘When in doubt, zoom out.’ I just try to keep a higher perspective of something,” Watts explains. “My biggest fear is letting something go to my head, so I’ll zoom out and say, ‘Well, there’s people over here that don’t have it too good and people over here… ’ I do whatever I can to not believe the hype or whatever.” When asked what word or phrase should never be uttered by society again, Watts explains, “In the comedy world, ‘retarded.’ It’s inappropriate, but people also overuse it. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Just like when people say, “That’s so gay.” I’m aware now, so when someone uses it in a sentence it stops the flow.”