Review Transformers: Dark of the Moon in One Sentence


Here's New York's David Edelstein, on Transformers: Dark of the Moon: "colossal, stupendous, ridiculously amazing, with a balls-to-the-walls climax in a devastated Chicago that’s like War of the Worlds on steroids." And he wasn't the only one with nice things to say about Michael Bay's latest monstrosity! While other critics' compliments were more backhanded, it all adds up to a 38 percent on the Tomatometer — lousy for most flicks, but surprisingly non-terrible for critical punching bag Michael Bay. Which brings us to this: What did you think? Did Megan Fox get out-acted by a Victoria's Secret model? Did Optimus Prime deliver his best pro-humanity speech yet? Is Shia LaBeouf now even better at running between robot carnage? Let us know, in one sentence only.