Ricky Gervais Cements His Obsession with Atheism with His New Show Afterlife


Ricky Gervais really wants everyone to know that he’s an atheist. He’s written two op-eds for the Wall Street Journal about his atheism, made a somewhat-unsettling “Easter card” in which he posed shirtless in a Christ-like pose, and now he’s making it official with an atheism-themed TV show. Called Afterlife, it’ll be about an atheist who dies and goes to heaven. Gervais won’t star, but he’ll have a cameo role. Presumably as Jesus, but like, a version of Jesus who’s kind of a prick. That’ll show ‘em!

It’s not clear where the show will air, but he’s working on it with former Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips, so hopefully it’ll be on an American network. The plan is to start shooting early next year, so they should be done in time for a Christmas special that’ll really piss off the Bible belt.