Roseanne Hypes Her Nuts For A Post-Apocalyptic America On Kimmel


During Roseanne’s interview on Kimmel last night, the newly farmer-ized comedian explains the role of her rustic overalls during the coming End Times. “This is, like, the future, I think. Everybody’s going to be wearing these kinds of outfits pretty damn soon when everyone has to start growing their own gardens to eat,” Barr gleefully explains. “Definitely. 2012: end of the world. Get ready for it, ladies and gentlemen.” In addition to promoting Roseanne’s Nuts and her new book Roseannearchy, Barr praises the planet-saving nuts, explains how to farm bees, discusses trans-species communication and spitballs a few ideas for the role of men (drones, garbage collectors, moving men) once America looks like The Road with slightly more Roseanne.