Scar Be Gone! A Plastic Surgeon on How to Fix Harry Potter and Other Characters’ Facial Imperfections


In real life, a diminutive British kid who knows his way around a broomstick, always carries a wand, and has a lightning bolt carved into his forehead wouldn’t be a cultural icon — he’d be one half of the winning team on Beauty and the Geek. But Harry Potter exists in a fictional world, where scars are character-building symbols of deeper traits, not in the real one, where facial lacerations are things one considers having fixed. (Boo, real world.) So following up on a question that countless 12-year-olds have asked before — what if Harry Potter were real? — we got Harry, and a host of other famously scarred movie characters, and a consultation with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Lance Wyatt, who's an expert in making scars disappear. His insights should prove helpful to Harry, if Mr. Potter ever has cause to enter the wizard protection program.